ZOE Pacifier Clip & Reindeer 🦌 Teether

The Zoe Clip was designed by my husband, Al. Such a cute clip - Perfect for all babies! The ZOE Clip 🔸15mm Silicone Beads 🔸Satin Cord 🔸KAM Clip Reindeer Teether - raised sensory bumps on reverse to soothe teething gums. Approx. measurements: L-9cm x H-11.5cm x W- 0.5cm

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  • Return Policy: Please note that due to sanitary reasons. Exchanges or returns will not be accepted!

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100% Food Grade Silicone

100% Non Toxic & Odourless

BPA Free - Lead Free - PVC Free - Mercury Free

Phthalates Free - FDA Approved - CE Certified

Easy to clean: Like warm water & Mild Soap - Air Dry! Do not submerge wood or silicone clips in water! Do not put in dishwasher. Metal Clips should not get wet if they do wipe them immediately! Kam clips should always be clipped onto to something while baby is using.

Pacifier Clips should be inspected before each use! Replace clips every 3-5 months for sanitary reasons!